• Black Business Green Book 
    Browse businesses in many different categories, including home goods, fashion, health and wellness, books, and art.
  • Black Directory 
    Black-owned and operated products and services.
  • BlackOwnedAssociation.com (BOA)
    A network connecting Black-owned businesses with consumers.
  • Black-Owned Brooklyn 
    Helping elevate businesses in their community.
  • Black Woman Owned
    Seeking to scale visibility and success for Black women-owned businesses.
  • ByBlack
    The U.S. Black Chambers, with support from American Express, developed an extensive directory and certification program for Black business owners. Businesses that identify as Black-owned can join the directory for free.
  • EatOkra
    A directory of Black-owned restaurants, featuring over 2,500 restaurants around the United States.
  • I Am Black Business
    Offers an affordable, one-time membership cost, for access to join the Black Business Search Engine, niche product sites, and more.
  • Official Black Wall Street
    One of the largest business directories for Black-owned businesses, with over 5,000 listings in 10 countries.
  • The Nile List
    Brings Black creators of retail products to interested customers.
  • Shop Black Owned
    A business directory specific to eight cities at the moment, with more to come: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.
  • Support Black Owned
    Lists black owned businesses in 30-plus countries.
  • WeBuyBlack
    This directory shows customers how to make the switch from big brands to Black-owned brands for everyday consumer goods, such as cleaning supplies and toothpaste.